Mark Memory Nostalgia Rise of the EU (Maastricht Treaty 1992) Good Friday Agreement 1998 The Fabian Society Bloomsbury group Feudalism "Cool Britannia" Foot and mouth 1990s in the UK End of Empire (Hong Kong 1997) Poll tax riots Channel Tunnel 1992 Thatcher/Major/Blair YBAs Hop-picking Romanticisation of rural work Morris, Orwell (socialist utopias) Pastoral Unreliable memory The artist's Selfhood Quantum states 2nd alienation (guilt) Anthropocene Climate Agriculture The sublime Landscape as a conduit for emotion What can the past reveal about the present? The universal Multiple truths Postindustrial labour - the gig economy Gerhard Richter's Atlas Romanticism Jung - archetypes Intimate knowledge of unremarkable places Local histories Landscape as a narrative Painting process and materials Jutta Koether (Poussin) Stonehenge Industrial towns/factory villages Social Class Robin Hood Legend Topoanalysis Psychoanalysis and Space Ross-shire sheep riots "Keep Britain Tidy" Highland clearances Whose right to inhabit the countryside? Enclosures Miners' strikes (House prices and transport) Town/country UK Brexit Nation/Identity Gossip Tableaux National mythology Long timescales Raves Faces Chemical transformation/alchemy Provincialism Norway Freud Agriculture shaping the land Scotland - sheep/pine forests Landscape as a container for memory/history Holidays Seaside towns Immigrants Ramblers' Association Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 Regional specificity Childhood T.J. Clark - The Sight of Death Surrealism Shame The 'natural world' Alienation from nature Screen memories Oblivion Parent/child/sibling relationships Bachelard - memory and dream Digital obsolescence Memory as metaphor/allegory Family archives/photo album Collective memory Mike Pearson 'Bubbling Tom' Kinder Scout Trespass 1932 Landscape as a battleground Assimilated stories The unknown/secrets/gaps Suburbia Memory paintings Holonomic brain model Haptic familiarity Drawing Wordlessness Performativity Sources from the Earth Landscape Heterotopias - Foucault The Pre-Raphaelites The idea of the rural vs. the reality of the rural Work and leisure, country & city Bohemianism Seasonal farm work White cliffs of Dover Kent (the 'Garden of England') The past and future The particular/personal Landscape archetypes History painting Networked painting MyVillages Instagram Sigrid Holmwood Minority groups Medievalism Landscape as a social document Hypertext Introduction Wilderness/cultivation